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'[PIC]: interface 16f877 to LCD'
2001\01\16@212605 by Paul Chicofsky

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Anybody know if the pins of the PIC16F877 that connect to the LCD are the
same pins used for the PIC16C84 since PIC16F877 has 40 pins?

Thank you
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2001\01\17@062345 by Vasile Surducan

Strange question !
You may use any port of 877 ! port a if you don't need ad conversion,
port b if you don't need interrupts, portc if you don't need PWM, external
osc for tmr1, or UART output etc, port d and e if you don't need parallel
slave port.
Also you may use bites from any of 877 ports.
If you have an asm for x84 in which you know all pins involved in
communication to LCD you may use the same asm for 877 except for port a
which must be set first for digital IO.

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Paul Chicofsky wrote:

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2001\01\17@064704 by Michael Rigby-Jones

I think Paul may have been asking if the number number are the same?  i.e.
if PORTA on the 877 has the same pins numbers as the x84.  And the answer to
that is definately NO.


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