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'[PIC]: hex2dec revisited'
2001\01\11@092213 by Drew Vassallo

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I posted this a while ago - with no response.  I feel that it's worth
looking into, though, especially for Scott.  I don't think I made any errors
in my translation.

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2001\01\11@133329 by Alice Campbell

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From:                   Drew Vassallo <snurplespamKILLspamHOTMAIL.COM>
Subject:                [PIC]: hex2dec revisited
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Yes.  and i'm nowhere near skilled enough to fix it, so i
used instead:

and had it up and running in minutes.


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2001\01\11@232706 by Nikolai Golovchenko

Andrew, are you sure it doesn't work? Examples? I vaguely
remember to assemble and run it without any problems...


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Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 16:22:13
Subj: [PIC]: hex2dec revisited

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