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'[PIC]: Using 16F87x breakpoints in debug monitor'
2001\10\09@193338 by Ned Konz

I read the earlier Piclist thread about the 16F87x debug hardware, and have
read the Microchip app note that describes this hardware.

I was wondering whether anyone has come up with a debug monitor that used the
breakpoint register for breakpoints and/or single-stepping (that is, other
than MPLAB-ICD).

I would like to have or make a monitor that would allow both program
downloading and uploading (I realize that's been done a number of times
already for this chip), as well as interactive breakpoint usage.

I have a MPLAB-ICD unit, and I can certainly use that for the time being,
though I have to start up Windows to do so, which I find unpleasant (though I
use VMware to run Win2K under Linux). Of course, I couldn't use it to debug
this debugger...

I just thought that having this in a stand-alone package would be useful for
many people, both for hobby or field service uses, as well as low-cost
trainer systems.

Ned Konz
currently: Stanwood, WA

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