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'[PIC]: Searching the Dallas 1-wire bus'
2001\04\29@140350 by michael brown

Has anyone ever done a search rom using a 16f84 (or anything remotely close)
on a Dallas 1-wire bus?  I have spent several hours now searching the
internet, piclist archives, etc... looking for sample code that searches the
1-wire bus.  I found lots of examples using the "skip rom" command.  This is
fine for one device, but I wish to have multiple temperature sensors on a
single bus(as well as other 1-wire compatible "black boxes").  I am not
opposed to writing the code myself, but surely someone has done this before
in something other than forth. ;-)  Although, from the looks of the
datasheet, debugging the "search rom" command will be a real joy.<sigh>

Pretty nice of the folks at Dallas semiconductor, giving away those free
samples and all. (you get 8 part numbers, two samples of each part number,
woo-hoo!) A veritable bonanza <grin>

Michael Brown
Instant Net Solutions

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