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'[PIC]: Re: Programming question'
2003\06\11@195131 by Picdude

Tag added, btw.

Looks like "just" a warning telling you that you're crossing a "special" boundary, so ensure you are dealing with it appropriately.  Sort of like the warnings about registers not being in bank 0.

At 800H, I guess it's telling you that you need to worry about manually managing PCLATH in your code.  Perhaps more?


On Wednesday 11 June 2003 18:25, Sid Weaver scribbled:
> Could someone please tell me what this means:
> Warn: EDBPIC.ASM 1015:(102) code crosses boundary at 800h
> Warn: EDBPIC.ASM 1997:(102) code crosses boundary at 1000h
> Warn: EDBPIC.ASM 2881:(102) code crosses boundary at 1800h
> Thanks
> Sid

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