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'[PIC]: PIC16f877 (robot vision systems)'
2001\04\06@034836 by D Lloyd

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I read something that might be of interest to "roboteers" in New Scientist,
last week.....It was to do with the complexity of vision systems required
for robots; NASA have filched the technique that jumping spiders use to
obtain a better resolution from their primitive vision systems (eyes, to
you and moi).

What they do is vibrate their retinas which allows the spider to spot edge
boundaries (between light and dark) much more effectively (read the article
for a diagram of this!). Hence, NASA can use a cheap, low resolution (and
low power) camera but use the natural vibration of the robot's movement to
build up a much better picture of the surroundings (in terms of defining


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I built a similar robot too (except with only 8 IR sensor and some light

I think we are both stuck at how to analyze the input data from the
detectors.... :(


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>example code for me to learn as I program???
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