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'[PIC]: Looking for programming header pinouts for '
2001\07\28@073543 by Neil Gandler

[PIC]: Looking for programming header pinouts for Microchip PICs and Ubicom's SX devices

I have a design that incorperates a PIC microcontroller and
a Ubicom (Scenix) SX series Microcontroller.
For the PIC, the programming interface consists or VPP, Program CLK, Program DAT, GND.
For the SX, the programming interface consists of the 2 OSC pins and GND.
For production purposes, I would like to use the standard pin-out scheme and header type (if a standard actually exists)
that works with most common programmers for these devices. So during production, I can simply interface a programmer for these devices to the target board without any conversion cables. Can anyone refer to some online documentation that spells this out. Thanks

Neil Gandler
Founder, CTO
MAI Technology Inc.
P.O. Box 64072
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4072
Phone & Fax: 408-904-5089

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