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'[PIC]: Java based Pic emulator'
2000\12\18@184224 by Andrew Toone

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You may be interested in an on-going project I'm working on -
a Java based Pic emulator. It features a Plugin architecture that
allows you to write Java emulations of devices (leds, switches,
televisions, anything) wired into a Pic.

You can check out the current version (soon to be updated) at

Hope this is of use,

Andy Toone
Email:        Tel: +44 780 1104989 (mobile)
Web:    Tel: +44 1223 510994 (home)

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2000\12\19@012202 by klpauba

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Pretty cool application (applet)!

I think java is very useful since you can run the application on a
number of different platforms.  Your application runs well under Linux.

I'm just finishing up an enhancement to James Kingdon's jpp877
programmer software whose architecture has some similarity to yours.
The PIC12C509, PIC16F84 and PIC16F877 objects know how to program
themselves.  I also use Listeners that receive events from the
Programmer object to keep track of the progress.  The performance is
also very good.

I'm looking forward to seeing more plugins.  Maybe I can participate
after I get things wrapped up with the programmer.

A friend of mine gets quite a chuckle that I purchased all the PIC stuff
and have been spending most of my time programming tools in java and
haven't gotten too deep in programming the PIC!  Oh well.


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2000\12\19@111048 by jamesnewton

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That is unspeakably cool!

What would it take to modify it to emulate the Ubicom (Scenix) SX
processors? I'm doing a contest to try to generate some interest in
producing TV video from these super fast PIC compatible embedded
controllers. See
They are 50 and 100 MIPS versions of the 16C5x.
They will run a 16C54 hex file but use a different assembly language so the
display code (dissembler) would have to be updated...
And it would have to support any differences between the F84 and the C54.

It would allow people to try out their TV signal generation code with out
having to buy anything. I might be willing to pay for the work if the price
is reasonable....

James Newton

{Original Message removed}

2000\12\19@182933 by Andrew Toone

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Thank you :-)

My current list of things to add, in rough priority:

1) More plugins (LEDs, Switches etc.) - in progress
2) Interrupt emulation - under consideration
3) Different Mnemonics/instruction sets
4) Options screen (processor speed, model etc.)
4) Assembler

And for later on.. (ie. perhaps)

Direct programming of the devices,

I'll be updating the site before the end of the week (I hope!)


"Kevin L. Pauba" wrote:
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Email:        Tel: +44 780 1104989 (mobile)
Web:    Tel: +44 1223 510994 (home)

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