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'[PIC]: [SX]: Jal 04-35'
2001\05\15@171313 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman

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There is a new Jal version at the Jal home page
The differences with the previous version are small, but there is also a -
long awaited - Linux version!

NB for those who do not know: Jal is a free (freeware, but not open source)
compiler for a language that looks like Pascal. It targets 16x84, 16F877,
12C508/9, SX18/28.

- COMF instruction simulation
- problem with out parameters for functions
- handling of directory separator character
- minimalistic support for 12CE674
- ; as alternative for -- (to make it easier to 'import' commented MPASM

The 12CE674 support only means that the file registers (RAM) on the first
page are set correctly. Otherwise the chip is treated as a 16F84, which
might give some surprises. The configuration word must surely be set by hand
in the programmer. NB I did not test this, I have no 12CE674.....


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