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'[PIC]: [BUY]: need F876 SO'
2001\04\08@013757 by Roman Black

Hi guys, I need a 16F876 /20 SO (surface mount)
for testing, and typical my supplier here in
Australia says 6 weeks before they re-stock.

Does anyone want to sell me one or two of these?
Or even 16F873 /20 SO will do.

I can get them from Farnell but hate paying three
times the price. :o)

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2001\04\09@054106 by Kevin Blain

If you don't have an offer from closer to home, mail me an address, I've got
some spare (873) I can send you.

I'm in the UK, so I guess they'll take a couple days to arrive.

Regards, Kevin.

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