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'[PIC:]problem for a new programmer'
2003\11\12@181315 by Chris Thompson

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i have recently bout myself a basic pic programming and experimentation
board. i have assembled the board and get the power light etc to come on.
when i connect it to my pc via the serial port it is detected fine. i use
the picprog2 software and it finds the pic ok but when i go to write to the
pic i get an error box saying 'no device ID received' can anybody help me
with what this means and why its happening?


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2003\11\13@031837 by Dominic Stratten

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Hi Chris - nice to see you made it onto the Piclist board.

For those who want a little more information, he is using a Velleman serial
programmer and experiment board K8048.

{Original Message removed}

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