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'[PIC:]Simulator stimulus in MPLAB IDE'
2003\08\29@064251 by Reinaldo Alvares

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I'm having some troubles to properly simulate in MPLAB IDE 6.30.
I have set up the simulator stimulus as follows:
trigger on: PC, trigger value: 0x22, Pin/reg: portc,
In the watch window the portc value updates correctly
according to the value from the file.The problem is
that in the status bar and in the address field of the
program memory window the pc shows 0x26 instead of
0x22. If I change the triggering value to 0x20 then
the watch updates when the pc shows 0x24 etc. There's
always a difference of 0x02 between the trigger value
I have set and the value of the pc when the stimulus actually happens.Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?
thanks in advance for any help.
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'[PIC:]Simulator stimulus in MPLAB IDE'
2003\09\01@042024 by Reinaldo Alvares
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I got an answer from Microchip tech-support through their webboard:
"I see the problem and apologize that this was not fixed sooner. I will
place the request to get this repaired."
So this is a bug one should be aware of.
I thought this may be useful for others like me
using MPLAB 6.xx and the simulator.

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