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PICList Thread
'[OT]Text on Video Screens.'
1998\08\15@162748 by Peter Hynes

Hi all,

A discussion came up a while back
about putting text on a video
screen. SGS was mentioned, so, in
one swift movement,
I surfed over to SGS-Thomson and
found a data-sheet on the
STV9425-STV9425B, STV9426,
"Multi-Sync On-Screen
Display for Monitor". It looks just
what the doctor ordered. Haven't
digested it all yet but it seems to
say that you can
use it on screens with different
numbers of scanning lines. Which
*presumably* means I can use it
with a PAL standard.

Ze Question: I couldn't find any
Apps Notes to go with the data
sheet. Does anyone know if there
are any and where they
might be found?

Many thnax in advance for advice.

Regards - Peter Hynes

PS: It's not *that* much off topic
- I'll use a PIC to control it!


1998\08\15@194826 by chris

> Hi all,
> A discussion came up a while back
> about putting text on a video
> screen.

Have you had a look at our new product, the TVOSD module?  It is a
small (~2" by 1" by 0.4") SIP with only 5 connector pins, +5V, Video
In, Video Out, Serial In and Ground.  It will accept serial data,
either ASCII data or a set of command codes and display a full screen
or overlay onto video.  For more information see:

We have a data sheet in PDF format on that page.  Currently, the NTSC
version is shipping.  The PAL version will begin shipping by the end
of this month.

I hope this helps!

Chris B. Sakkas (
ITU Technologies (
*** New TVOSD module generates full screen video or overlay text on ***
*** video via a simple serial interface!  Perfect for BASIC Stamps! ***
***  Download the datasheet today, ***

1998\08\16@021552 by Yves.Heilig

ITU Technologies has developped a module to display text on Tv screen see

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