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'[OT]Re: Command Parsing'
1998\10\22@193501 by

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John Payson wrote:

> Yes. Sinclair machines never let you type the command out, it was coded
> into the keypress ;) Takes some getting used to.

great for beginner typists though.

> <<
> I'm a little curious, though... since the unexpanded Sinclair had 1K RAM and a
> screen of 32x24 characters, how was there room for ANYTHING?  Did you need ext
> RAM to get the full screen size, or what?

Who said that the screen memory and program memory were different?, screen was program memory, tokens must have been
converted on the fly (during CRT scan) into full words/phrases. You
needed a crashy ram pack to do anything that couldn't fit in several
lines of code.

Wasn't it fun fighting those out of memory messages though ? Certainly a
different kind of challenge than you get on today's machines (I now have
98 Mega bytes or close to 100,000 times the memory of my first computer)

> Also, since the CPU was directly responsible for video generation (if I rememb
> right) did any games or anything do cute stuff with special display routines?

The Z80 was already pretty stretched out, graphics consisted of special
characters containing all the positional variants for 4 quadrants.

I got an Amstrad later, even made a MC68HC11 I.D.E. cross assembler and
expansion serial port in locomotive basic with |customised keywords
referencing assembly code. A pity Alan Sugar used the obsolete interupt

regards all,
Graham Daniel

1998\10\23@171058 by paulb

Graham Daniel wrote:

> Wasn't it fun fighting those out of memory messages though?  Certainly
> a different kind of challenge than you get on today's machines

 <drawl> Oh I don't know about that! </drawl>  The software designers,
to give them credit and certain one$ in particular, have risen admirably
to the challenge!
       Paul B.

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