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'[OT]Camera transformers?'
1999\01\20@142912 by PJH


Anybody know where I might get
ahold of small camera transformers?

The one I've got is a little
sucker, bit less than 1.0cm x
1.0cm. Shows a pretty
high turns ratio (1.5V:700V) in a
protoboard oscillator cct. The
primary has a
really low-Z winding that's used as
a FB element in most configs.
They're used
in camera flash ccts. No idea who
makes'em but I could use a few

Thnax for advice - PJH

PS:Relevance? It's gonna be driven
by a PIC ... naturally.


                 PETER HYNES
  FAX: Int-61-3-9809 0604 NET:

1999\01\20@145821 by Jason Wolfson

How many do you need? I have some.
Also you can get disposable flash camera's from your local photo store...

SO what are you doing?


> {Original Message removed}

1999\01\21@020132 by Steve Tomes

try going to the place where they develop film...drug stores and
supermarkets here in can get all you want out of the trash from
the disposible camers as thay have become popular here..I have got a lot of
them by just asking that they save them for me!!
You get the whole board...lense and battery...still good!!!

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