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'[OT] white LEDs, was Re: Strobes'
1998\10\28@093705 by Dwayne Reid

> Think a LED flashlight on these things - I'm
>considering an array of 15 for a wheelchair headlight with ultra long
>life & no chance of vibration breaking the filamnts.  You DO need to
>keep the lens clean or you'll reduce light output by up to 50%...

Don Lancaster did a column a while back where someone makes a 'cavers lamp'
using 25 white LEDs - some of 1 beam type, the rest of another.  He said
that the manufacturer was able to buy the LEDs in sufficient quantity that
he could match the foward voltage on all 25 LEDs and connect them in
parallel (without ballast resistors) and power the works from a small
switcher.  Sounds just like what you need!  Check back issues of Electronics


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1998\10\28@134348 by Mark Willis

Dwayne Reid wrote:
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 June or July ET, someone posted to me <G>

 I've been meaning to use the Orange LED's (Sort of a Fog Light
effect!) but will take a look at the white LEDs;  Anyone know how many
mcd they output?  (I'll look around.)  I definitely will use Orange
LED's for anti-collision strobes, and red's for tail lights etc. (As
well as rear anti-collision strobes.)

 Later I'lll make an RF controlled, rechargeable companion
anticollision LED panel for her Service Dog Zeuss, so when she turns on
her wheelchair LED's it remotes his light set to "On", and when she
turns hers off, his turn off as well.  I'm figuring that'll be handy for
her (she has such problems with switches!) and a Ming type RF remote
control should do this nicely, or IR would also work (Zeuss is always at
Robin's right side, I could almost line up 4 IR LED's and guarantee
one'll be in line of sight to Zeuss' harness <G>)  But, Zeuss will be
retiring in 2 years or so, so something with some "slop" in positioning
is a better solution...  (Have the unit transmit every 20 seconds, and
the hound's light pack turns off on valid signal reception, then shuts
off after 1 minute with no reception?  Might do!  Whole new meaning to
"Watchdog Timer" though <Boo Hiss, I know.>)


1998\10\28@134939 by Harrison Cooper

LedTronics ( I think????) makes replacement LED units that replace
incandensent lamps.  I've used them before. Bascially mulitchip
assemblies.  Not sure on cost or anything.....

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1998\10\29@050335 by wwl

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>  I've been meaning to use the Orange LED's (Sort of a Fog Light
>effect!) but will take a look at the white LEDs;  Anyone know how many
>mcd they output?  (I'll look around.)  
1000 to 2000mcd, depending on view angle

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