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'[OT] people detector, cheap, low consume, and easy'
2000\03\31@031150 by Mark Willis

Do check a 555 - I built one of those years ago while in high school &
was rather impressed with the range you could get (3-4 foot very easily
off a doorknob.)  Put a foil tape piece on the window and turn the
sensitivity up some, and you're set.  (Except for battery life!?  THAT
may be a problem, frankly.  Use a CMOS 555?)

Probably a better answer: has various proximity
sensors, you can take a look at those;  Some pretty fair prices IMO.
Self-calibrating, can act as a reed relay replacement when configured
properly.  Look at the QT110, 30uA or so at 5V.  $2.47 in 1k quantities,
probably $5 in singles?  Just drop it in series with the ISD14000.  That
price is a lot more like it...


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