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'[OT] homebrew plastic cases (and hard cases)'
1999\01\02@092421 by paulb

Morgan Olsson wrote:

> I got recommended to use Tea-Tree Oil for a small infection on my
> cheek.  It felt like it almost removed my cheek, but not killing the
> infection completely.  Got better stuff from a doctor later.


> I will try the rest of the oil next time to clean or glue.

 I'm certainly not claiming it will work as an adhesive.

> I also have bottle of some mixture of herbal oils, amongst them
> Eucalyptus oil, that is good to put some drops of on the pillow to
> ease breathing when having a cold.  Very nice smell.

 I frequently recommend Menthool & Eucalyptus mixture inhaled in steam
from boiling water as a non-antibiotic approach to mucky noses.  Mind
you, people seem to prefer antibiotics...

> Last year there was a girl dying from drinking too much water.
> Her yoga teacher had told her to drink much, and she was much more
> eager to yoga than the teacher expected...

 Mmm.  She wasn't in that funny legs-up position while she drank it
       Paul B.

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