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'[OT] X-Tal question'
1998\10\24@141814 by Radboud Verberne


I was wondering how many Khz you can change the crystal's frequency (F <
10Mhz) with changing the caps...

       Radboud Verberne

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1998\10\24@154812 by Dave VanHorn

>I was wondering how many Khz you can change the crystal's frequency
(F <
>10Mhz) with changing the caps...

They're not designed to be changable at all. That's the whole point of
a crystal.
Ideally, it wouldn't be possible to change them at all.

The old military HF xtals were in little boxes, and you could open the
box, take out the rock, and grind it with Ajax, or rub a little solder
on it, and alter the frequency.

1998\10\24@155426 by Sean Breheny

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Hi all,

Even though in most apps you don't want to change them, most if not all CAN
be changed slightly. I think that a general rule of thumb is around .1 % of
their frequency (so about 1kHz per MHz, or 10kHz in your case). I know this
from building VXCO (variable xtal oscillator) driven amateur radio QRP (low
power) transmitters.


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