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'[OT] Was ITU problem, now email addresses.'
1998\04\14@173601 by Don McKenzie

Chris Sakkas wrote:
> Dear Sir:
> Your order was processed and shipped on 4/13/98.  It was sent via US
> Priority mail to the US address you had specified.
> I'm not sure why, but all the e-mail that I have sent to your e-mail
> address was returned undeliverable.  You may want to look into this.
> I apologize to all the other readers of the PICLIST for wasting
> bandwidth, but this may be the only way we can reach this person.

I can fully understand your problem Chris.

This is what I have had on the bottom of my home page for many months
now, as it's becoming a very serious problem for me:
>I am getting more and more mail that bounces.
>Usually if you don't get an answer back within
>24 hours it's because you have provided an address
>that it's impossible to contact you on.
>I go to a lot of trouble to answer every legitimate
>message sent to me. A lot of these are ending up in
>my bounced folder, so please check your return address.

Once or twice, I have gone via this list to achieve the same result, but
I have also thought of putting up a special daily updated page for
bounced mail. But then, would anyone read it?

If I suspect an address of being incorrect, I sometimes send a test
message. Most of the time, I pick it wrong as people can choose the
strangest Email address for themselves.

The 3 B's must be slowing the web down.
1) Bulk mailers
2) Binaries
3) Bounced Email addresses

Don McKenzie

Don's Download Dungeon
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