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'[OT] Virii (was Re: Serial Communication)'
2000\04\19@124918 by Byron A Jeff

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On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 10:57:43AM -0400, M. Adam Davis wrote:
> Linux is not immune to virii, and I'm sure someone, somewhere is out there
> working on one.

There've been a couple. The issue that prevents most problems is the
accounts system. Only the superuser can do serious damage. So even if a
virus is run as a regular user, while that user could experience file loss,
it's unlikely that the core functionality of the machine can be significantly

> What linux does not have yet are inexperienced users who run any program that
> comes along on email or from a web site, which Windows has in abundance.

Now this could come to pass. This is why the community continues preaching
to new users to do work under a regular account, not as root.

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