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'[OT] Varying voltage'
1998\04\02@203258 by Mike Keitz

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On Thu, 2 Apr 1998 12:32:08 -0500 Olivier Thinel
<spam_OUTthinelolTakeThisOuTspamSERVER-2.DEALCOMP.FI> writes:
>R/C low pass filter will give you a 0-5V response
>then multiply your signal whit op-amp.
>APEX sell high power & high-freq. op-amp.

For those of us who prefer "complicated" to expensive, a discrete
transistor voltage amplifier can be used to "boost" the output of a
regular op-amp up to high voltage.  A sample of the high-voltage output
is taken with a resistor divider and applied to the op-amp for feedback.
The values of the resistor divider (especially the resistor to ground)
could be adjusted by the PIC to get different full-scale voltage ranges.

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