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'[OT] UV Erasers FOR FREE!!!'
1998\03\21@112508 by WIL REEDER

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> Subject: Re: [OT] UV Erasers
> Date: Friday, March 20, 1998 10:52 PM
> In a message dated 98-03-20 20:31:08 EST, you write:
> << ANy thoughts on a UV eraser?  Is the Walling ER-3 good?  Does it
handle 40
>  pin PICS, like the 16C74 or smaller?  I would like to spend $50 or
>  Thanks
>  Rob >>
I have been using a uv bulb, recovered from a clothes dryer, for
several years now. The bulb is wired in series with a ballast
bulb recovered from the same dryer. The bulb & ballast bulb are
usually in a little plastic assy. in the center of the drum, and
can be used in the holder assy without modification, directly on
the 117v line with the timer & enclosure of your choice. A good
scrounger should be able to locate this stuff at the recycle depot
for free or close to it.

I can't recall what makes have them but they are designed to produce
ozone to sterilize the clothing or at least give them a fresh smell.

Mine does JW parts in less than 15 minutes with the bulb resting on
the window. The parts get warm but not hot enough to do any harm.

The usual safety warning re line voltages and these devices will burn
your eyes even from reflected uv. Also there is some quantity of
ozone produced so vent well!!!


Wil Reeder
Vancouver, Canada

1998\03\21@123540 by Morgan Olsson

picon face
<< ANy thoughts on a UV eraser?

It just struck my mind: *cheap*!  (But does it work?)
Theese light tube starters, (not electrionic models): If I remember
correctly: in open state when powered they emit a little UV-radiation.

Maybe possible to cut the Glass bulb out, place it on the PIC window and
power it from the mains thru a power resistor? (To much power will make the
switch close...!)

...Wait a minute...
There: I«ve built it:
27k ohm 1W resistor worked O.K for "4-65W" igniter (230VAC mains)

But does it give UV?
I tried to check using paper-money (what is the english word?), to see the
serial number glow,  but either it is not UV, (or right kind UV), or
someone have cheated me...  ;-}

The visible part of light is orange-purple (not like discharge-type
indicator lamps) I wonder if the purple part extends to UV?  Maybe elder
types radiated UV, but not modern (health improvements)?.

I do not have any PIC to erase now, sorry.

Another crazy idea: The ends of regular light tubes (where the white powder
is not on the inside) radiates UV?  (The white powder transforms the UV
>from mercury gas dischargings to visible.)  Radiation is probably low, and
difficilt to place PIC there, but anyway...

Has anyone yet experimented with the hight electric field / high dv/dt
erasure method we discussed here earlier?

/  Morgan Olsson, MORGANS REGLERTEKNIK, SE-277 35 KIVIK, Sweden \
\, ph: +46 (0)414 70741; fax +46 (0)414 70331    /

1998\03\21@171429 by Harri Suomalainen

>Another crazy idea: The ends of regular light tubes (where the white
>is not on the inside) radiates UV?  (The white powder transforms the UV
>from mercury gas dischargings to visible.)  Radiation is probably low,
>difficilt to place PIC there, but anyway...

Unfortunately the required wavelenght (254nm and 184nm mostly for mercury)
are absorbed by the glass envelope of tube mostly. Same for the gas (argon
emitted uv in the range of interest.

However, mercury vapor lamps are *cheap* and have a separate glass
with fluorescent material. The tube itself inside the outer envelope is
quartz tube.
Once outer envelope is broken you have a very efficient uv radiator. Cheap
to get to high power levels (like 125W+) too! To reduce power use a
ballast than the lamp was intended for.

Beware, the quartz tube does get very hot. Some distance from chip to be
is required.

Harri Suomalainen

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