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PICList Thread
'[OT] The Lord is resin!'
1999\04\05@013826 by Ben Stragnell

> I just thank the Lord that we still have people that can express themselves
> about the important things.
> Russell's message of Easter greeting. The Lord is risen!
> Lets all go to work tomorrow knowing that our sins are forgiven. Jesus is
> risen.

Yeah yeah yeah whatever. You're welcome to believe whatever you wish,
please don't continue to spew your beliefs out on the list. Not everyone
has the same beliefs as you, and some will find your outpouring
pointless, and, in some cases, offensive.

I don't wish to add any fuel to this already annoying little fire, but
a posting of this nature opens the door to all kinds of mindless,
banal, annoying crap, like "[OT] Hey piclisters, let's all be thankful
for life!", "[OT] Remember to stop and smell the flowers!", "[OT] Aren't
little puppies just the gosh darned cutest things?".

On a more related note, anyone have any idea when the new 48/52 pin
Scenix SX chips will be in general circulation?



* Ben Stragnell             *               *
* 3D Programmer             *                      *
* Left Field Productions    *   *

1999\04\05@163101 by Bill Rininger

picon face
Jesus is offensive.
He did not come here to please everyone.  He came here to show the truth
and the way.  He loves us all, but if we don't agree, He is willing to

Ben Stragnell wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\04\05@172448 by Mark Willis

TOPIC CLOSED.  One way or another.


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