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'[OT] Re: relating torque to rpm'
1999\04\29@064956 by oyvind.k

> Hi smart people,
> If I am using a fly wheel to count pulses on my motor, I know how many
> pulses I get per revolution so I know the speed of the motor - right?


> I have an open argrument with an associate who says that he is really
> measuring torque and not speed,  So is there a relationship here?  I could
> understand if the measurement was motor current, but torque in ft*lbs or
> N*m  related back to rpm.
> I guess you could say the faster the motor runs the less or more torque
> you product as in being in a low gear at 2300 rpm going 50mph or higher
> gear, 1300 rpm going 50mph.

The relationship between torque, power and rpm is as follows:

where t = torque in Nm, P = power in watts and k = 60/(2*PI)

This may not be what you were asking for, but it tells you how power
and torque is related to rpm.

¯yvind Kaurstad,

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N-4067 Stavanger, Norway
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