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'[OT] Re: off topic'
1998\01\28@112118 by Martin R. Green

I don't know why, but I do know it hasn't always been this way.  Years
ago the standard voltage was 110V, then for some reason it was upped
to 112V, then 115V, then 117V, and now 120V.

As for the frequency, many such decisions were completely arbitrary in
the early days of electricity.  I do know it is easier to filter than
the 50Hz used in Europe and elsewhere, and allows slightly smaller
power transformers.  My guess it relates more to available technology
at the time than through a conscious decision.  The choice of a power
line frequency has affected the development of TV in the respective
countries as well, since the vertical refresh rate was chosen to match
the power line frequency to minimize interference.

CIAO - Martin.

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998 07:07:36 -0800, richard dellacona
<spam_OUTricharddTakeThisOuTspamEXPLORENET.NET> wrote:

>hello out there does any one out there know why 60 cps and 120 vac
>is used in usa for line voltage no one seems to know or have a good
>answer for this question

Martin R. Green

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