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PICList Thread
'[OT] Re: gang initiation...THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!'
1999\04\14@030512 by Sam Laur

>please stop posting responses to stupid offtopic posts. i am simply
>removing subscribers who feel it is necessary to engender and/or
>propagate such threads. tanks for your help.

I'm more and more wondering about this thread, in more than half of the
replies to it, the WHOLE old message was quoted, like I still were interested
in that dribble (and lots of mail addresses?). Now, this might look OK as
single messages, but in a digest, well, it gets tiresome after a while.

While I'm going on a tirade, here's my two cents on some other pet peeves.

- HTML mail. One simple question: why? There might be a place for it if you
 tried to communicate well-formatted text, tables, etc. but at most times,
 they've just been short messages of a few rows (which has, of course, been
 expanded to 50 or so, with all the MIME headers and HTML encoding etc.blah.)
 And when you have somebody using a HTML mailer, quoting a longish message
 _in full_, then you have a couple hundred lines of mush.

- MIME quoted-printable (which I, and many others, use to call quoted-
 unreadable). Within single messages it's sort of OK, since most mailers are
 intelligent enough to understand MIME nowadays. But I read PICLIST as a
 digest (from beginning to end, not as individual messages) so I get =20 =3D
 and so on. Another MIME-related plague is base64.

- And, as you may have noticed, I really don't like people quoting as much
 as they do now. Sure, quote what is essential to understand your reply,
 because too little quoting is bad too. But quoting the whole message is way
 too much in most cases, and after the thread ages a bit, you might get 2-3
 messages quoted in full in the reply. ARGH...

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