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PICList Thread
'[OT] Re: Re: espaqol'
1999\04\09@061121 by Sebastián Dols

>Isn't this thread OT?
>If the Spanish want to speak Spanish on this list, I think they should at
>least say so in the title ([ESP]?) so the non-Spanish can filter it out.
>Johann Geir Jonsson

I agree, but i think it's not needed. If we the Spanish speakers have been
able to be here till now, I think there is no need to post in Spanish now.
When a SpanishPIClist will born, I will subscribe hurry, and I will be glad
to share translated mails between them, but meanwhile, if the rest of the
PICsters can resist our (or at least my) bad english, all will be happy, and
to me is useful to enhance my level of English.

BTW, my answer to Carlos Rojo was send to his personal mailbox, not to the
list, and I chosen that way to avoid a little bit of noise to all of ours.
I'm more comfortable writing/reading in Spanish, is common sense, but I have
received personal mails about PICs from people from Russia to Singapore, and
the use of English was a *little* benefit.

On the other side, I think that the *littleflames* due to the existence of
about 10 mails in Spanish and the risk to derive in a *littletakeover* of
this list are, as a minimum, an adventurous supposition. I think that those
mails were only salutations, and the S/N ratio due them is still in about 10

Keep on PICing


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