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'[OT] Questionable quality of knock-offs'
1998\10\27@104403 by Craig Lee

No flaming required Ray, I agree with you.

I guess my biggest concern is with the dubious nature of the posts,
by the earlier copy service notice.

Buying offshore parts is acceptable if you are buying them from a reputable
company with reputable quality standards.  To take the example of AMD for
instance... I haven't seen any problems with AMD bugs. AMD chips are cheaper
and of comparable performance.

I think a customer may not be so happy to save a buck or two when product
reliability now suffers.  It's true we don't know of the quality standards
yet, but
we do know that many offshore fab houses don't have very tight
and as another PICker suggests, can you put the thing in backwards, watch it
smoke, burn your finger, and still have it work?!  I think this is worth
paying an
extra 2 bits for.

Now if this 'mystery guest' would beat Microchip to the FLASH punch, I would
most definitely give them a look see.

Scenix, now EZE, what next.  These companies are spawned due to a need
that is demanded by the customer base.  Scenix offers speed and memory, and
EZE is now offering price.  Maybe this will shake up Microchip a bit, which
is good
for everybody.


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