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PICList Thread
'[OT] Power Supply Confusion'
1999\04\02@154718 by David Olson



Vi = 12v (automotive and all the baggage it brings)
RS485 network of PICs and the peripherals they control - switches, sensors,
2 pair STP for cabling - bus and power

I need to design a power supply scheme that can power this network. From
reading the archives, I've noticed that there are, at least, two paths to

1. Simple LM2490 setup (which there seems to be a lot of PIClist data).
2. More complicated switching setup (not as much data).

Since there won't usually be power where the peripherals are, I have to push
5v through the wire. My concern is that the LM2490 path won't be as reliable
as a legitimate power supply solution and I'm considering clean, abundant
power to be a necessary foundation in this plan. The last thing I want to do
is rework the supply circuits after this thing goes into beta.

Have any of you messed around with switching supplies in under-the-hood
automotive circuits? Any gotchas (other than the obvious spikes and dumps)?

I'm the process of ripping apart a dead Bosch Motronic ECU (engine
management) box to figure out what they do. While it's not an RS485-bus
setup, the damn things are real reliable.


David Olson

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