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PICList Thread
'[OT] Newbie Phases'
1999\05\10@104706 by David Olson

This is a philosophical post...

As I pass through the many phases of emotions while PICing (mostly elation
and depression), I tend to look at alternatives when depressed.


Other microcontroller companies - do they have better tools, third-party
support, etc.
PIC derivatives - BasicStamp, etc.
Other languages - C, Basic, etc.

So, questions begin:

Why wouldn't I go with, let's say, Motorola?
Does anybody use BasicStamps (or other high-level interpreted chips) in
commercial products?

One of the biggest reasons I went the PIC route is the massive external
support. Motorola, Intel, TI, etc. seem to have more of a "corporate"
catering. In other words, I didn't get the sense as an individual with a
dream, I would get some help from the Motorola community (could be wrong
though...). It also helped that my local Microchip rep was much more
friendly than the Motorola one.

We'll keep the language question out of this since there are volumes of
PICMail on the subject already.


1999\05\11@010215 by Tjaart van der Walt

David Olson wrote:
{Quote hidden}

You are very lucky in the sense that you can compare
apples with apples before committing to any vendor.

Mchip has a very active hobbyist/student following
that they are looking after well. The reason is simple -
once you've got yourself going on a micro, it is a lot
of trouble to switch to another.

ATMEL is selling at half the price of Mchip, and are
*very* aggressively stealing the loyalty away from
Mchip. They have also seen how strong the loyalty of
us suckers can be.

Scenix, being the more flexible company, also realised
that starting with a micro is expensive, so they are
selling a programmer *and* emulator at around $200-$250
depending on where you are. The parts are flash, and
they are working on a whole range of plug-in software
modules that you can use (RS232, I2C, LCD, SPI etc).
Damn nice micro.

Motorola is quite cheap, but the support and lead
times stink. If you are not going to sell more than
10 trillion / year, you don't have an ear.

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