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PICList Thread
1999\04\28@101140 by Dwayne Reid

>OT but (presumably) relevant

>Anyway, I was about to sit down and write a program to take the *.mbx files
from IE4 and write the output to either a formatted plain text file or just
possibly a (DOS ! :-)) Foxpro database file.

Russell - before you do that, maybe hop over to Forte' (Agent, Free Agent)
and grap their conversion programs.  These conversion programs read the
specified mail boxes and convert everything to a huge, human readable text
file.  I have only tried the Eudora conversion and found that the resulting
file is quite useful.  I am assuming the conversion programs for IE and
Netscape produce the same output (its so that Agent can import into its mail

Just thought that it might save you some work.


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