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'[OT] Is Win NT VB as it relates to Amateur callsig'
1998\06\26@172146 by paulb

Rich Graziano wrote:

> Is W0DZG a HAM Operator call?  Would 0 be in MO, Perhaps?  Sorry I
> misunderstood.

 That was a zero.  The structure of an amateur call is:

 Country code: One letter may be preceeded by a letter or digit, i.e.,
       may be one letter, two letters or digit then letter.  Some
       countries, notably America, have more than one such code, which
       may indicate different operator classes.
 State code: One digit.
 Personal group: Two or three letters.  Possibly one.  The first of
these is often a class denotation e.g. here in Australia, "two letter"
calls and infixes "A" to "E" are unlimited, "N" and "M" are novices,
"Z", "Y" and "X" are limited, "L" are novice + limited, "R" are fixed
(unmanned) repeater stations, and various others.  In NZ, "T" calls are
limited ("Technician" - rude, isn't it?).

 Some temporary or special event codes are also used, some of which do
not follow this pattern at all!

 Someone may care to post the URL for the search engine.

       Paul B.

1998\06\26@205133 by Harrison Cooper

      <>  has at least the US
database for callsigns


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