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PICList Thread
'[OT] How to Unsubscribe from the PICList'
1999\02\01@042404 by Mark Willis

(List members:  Sorry but it's been too frequent lately, maybe if I go
list-wide here it'll hold them off for long enough for me to get the
Mini-FAQ polished up.  Grumble <G>)


There is ONLY one way that works to get off the list.  DO NOT post to
the list.  A post to the list goes to all subscribers, gets everyone
angry with you;  And, you don't get off the list that way!

Do NOT post to me requesting an unsubscribe.  I CANNOT unsubscribe
you. I will simply delete your request, perhaps after sending you
a copy of this Mini-FAQ.  YOU and only you can unsubscribe yourself.

 Post to:


from the address at which you are subscribed containing nothing but

unsubscribe PICList

in the first line of the message, from the address at which you are
subscribed.  This is automatically executed.  The message must contain
the exact words "unsubscribe PICList", no other spelling works.  AND,
***you must have HTML turned OFF***, or the list server will NOT
understand what you're saying.

 If you are trying to unsubscribe from an address different from the
one you subscribed from, you must include that original address like
this:  on the first line of the message:
unsubscribe PICList <oldaddress>

 Good luck!

 Mark Willis,

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