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'[OT] Granite Communications Videopad vs PIC'
1999\01\15@010802 by James Cameron

Surplus from a project that didn't get off the ground I have two Granite
Communications Videopad VP5 portable spread-spectrum radio LCD terminals
with a base station.

Has anyone dealt with the BS5 base station protocol using a PIC?
It's a sort of HDLC link on RS422 or something.

Has anyone got code lying around that may interest me on this?

More information on this product is available from

... and I can personally recommend it for certain situations ... where
your PIC hasn't got enough memory, no matter how big you make it, and
you need lots of LCD space and lots of pushbuttons.  I've never had to
complete a project on them, however, and I have no idea of pricing.

p.s. where can I get the CR2450N lithium cell they need in Australia?

James Cameron                                      (

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