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'[OT] Good way to measure resistance'
1998\10\29@164807 by Gabriel Gonzalez

Hi PICers,

What would be a good way to measure resistance (0 to 5 ohms) with 3 decimals
and get good accuracy +-0.001 ohm?

I discarded the A/D of a PIC 'cause it's only 8 bits, and intend to use 14
bits (at least), but I was thinking that I can use a lower bit count with
some kind of autoranging (maybe controlling a current source).

Another thing I am worried about is applying too much gain on an amplifier
(don't want to amplify noise).

Any suggestions to accomplish this?



P.S.: All this will be controlled by a PIC obviously.

1998\10\30@063244 by Morgan Olsson

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At 13:45 1998-10-29 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi PICers,
>What would be a good way to measure resistance (0 to 5 ohms) with 3 decimals
>and get good accuracy +-0.001 ohm?

Both Maxim and Analog devices make great dual slope and multislope
converters with 18 bit or more resolution, and full range input down to 1/2
volts or so.

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