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PICList Thread
'[OT] Encyclopedia Aeronautica [OT]'
1999\11\24@060540 by Russell McMahon

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Nary a PIC in sight but will be of interest to many techo types.
Superb encyclopedia on all things space/rocketry related.

Extremely wide ranging aerospace material.
Articles, data on vast range of rockets, motors, spacecraft, ... .
US, Russian, Chinese, North Korean (!), ... launch vehicles.

Almost too good to be free :-)
(CDROM version available for $US29)

     Russell McMahon

>From other worlds -

What can one man* do?
Help the hungry at no cost to yourself!

(* - or woman, child or internet enabled intelligent entity :-))

1999\11\25@013617 by Tom Handley

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  Russ, if you want to get to the world-wide authorities on the subject,
take a look at Aviation Week & Space Technology and Janes:

  - Tom
    B-57G/13th TBS/Tropic Moon III
    F4/8th TFW/Pave<this and that...>
    <mumble, mumble...>
    Now days -> embedded controls and gardening and I miss horses...

PSBS: When I was a moderator on BIX (Byte Information Exchange), there was
Harry (considered one of the `fathers of model rocketry') and others working
on the former DC-X project.

At 11:32 PM 11/24/99 +1300, Russell McMahon wrote:
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Tom Handley
New Age Communications
Since '75 before "New Age" and no one around here is waiting for UFOs ;-)

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