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'[OT] Dog Collar, was white LEDs'
1998\10\28@144753 by Craig Lee

That is really rank, yes.  Good application though.

I suppose 'kicking the dog' would be inhumane as a trigger
mechanism in this instance.

I would suggest a simple one shot on the collar, and a little
RF loop receiver, receiving from a simple transmitter sending
a pulse every second.  The pulse would re-start the ramping on
the one shot and thus no change in the light output.  When the
pulse no longer comes, the collar shuts off.

So two 555s, two transistors and some support circuitry,and you've got it.
Very low range, perhaps a few meters, but should be good.

Only problem you might have is if there are several blind people in
the room, all the collars will stay activated if anyone is transmitting,
but this is a minor problem that isn't worth the additional circuitry to


>off after 1 minute with no reception?  Might do!  Whole new meaning to
>"Watchdog Timer" though <Boo Hiss, I know.>)
>  Mark,

1998\10\28@154244 by Mark Willis

Kicking Zeuss would result in him getting really upset eventually <G>
All 90 pounds of him.  He can be loud when upset <G>

 I've been teaching him a new command, "AOL", he growls and talks bad
when I give the command (It's for the "Howl-O-Ween Party" his training
center is giving for all their dogs this Friday night.)  Need to work on
it <G>

 Hmm, an inductive loop system.  Not a bad idea!  Maybe 6-8 foot range
would be good (Zeuss does lead Robin into rooms, opening doors for her
and so on) and if he ran out in front of her from the front door, you'd
want the system to be on...  I'd as soon use a Pic so I can double-pulse
the LED's (I'm thinking of later additions/changes.)  Whatever I do, it
has to not toast the (stupidly! unshielded electronic controls <Ack!>)
on her wheelchair, so I have some work to do there...

 Need to put up some web pages for all this eventually <G>

 Zeuss is a "Service Dog" btw, which is different than a Guide Dog
(This is also called "Assistance Dog" etc. - he picks up things she
drops, forewarns her of some seizures, 5-10 minutes in advance (which
prevents them, as she then takes meds or takes a rest break!  No
seizures in 3 years vs. 3-5 a year before Zeuss, it's great!), He finds
& carrys & fetches things she needs (Shoes, Purse, his harness & leash,
etc.), helps her transfer to and from the couch / wheelchair / bed /
whereever, and carries notes to Brian (Robin's attendant) or to myself.
Also he goes and fetches us on command, as well.  And opens lever
handled doors (Round doorknobs are rough.)

 Basically the same job as a guide dog, but for a different disability
(There are Guide, Hearing, Seizure Alert/Response, and Service Dogs here
in the US - as well as mixed duty "Guide/Service" animals - the ADA
classes them all as Service Animals (There are service monkeys & other
animals as well, including one lady with a guide cat in Oregon!) -
they're wonderful help, I couldn't do this without Zeuss' help at all.
Now every time Robin drops a pencil/TV Remote/whatever, she doesn't
interrupt me, just tells Zeusser that it's time for the "Oops" game <G>

 I'll put the LEDs on his duty harness (He's on her right side when on
duty so maybe more LEDs on the right?  But when he's ahead of her, we
want him safe...)


Craig Lee wrote:
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