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'[OT] Cell Phone GPS? unloser'
2006\05\18@043914 by Robert Rolf

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Carey Fisher wrote:

> All really good links and info everyone.  Should keep me busy for a while.
> I still want to figure out how to locate my cell phone.  I seem to lose
> it (my cellphone that is)
> nearly every day for  a couple hours.

Well, if you got one of those automatic retractors that janitors
use to hold their keys, or perhaps the kind used to walk dogs,
you'd always find it at the end of the wire.

The dog walker would let you get a few meters away before the
phone is dragged along the floor toward you <G>.

I found that the best solution is to have only ONE place that
you take your phone off your person, the charging station.
It's either ON you, or one the charger. If you never put it down
anywhere else, it's can't be lost.


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