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'[OT] Anyone have experience with Boost Mobile in t'
2006\08\05@164900 by Josh Koffman

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Hi all. After following a link to a story from Slashdot, I came across
Boost Mobile. They appear to be reselling services for the Nextel
network. What's most interesting is that they are prepaid and charge a
flat $0.20 a day for unlimited data usage. This would be ideal for me
as I occasionally travel where I need data services and I'm not in a
hotspot location. The fact that it's prepaid means I don't have to
commit to a contract.

However, their website is not geared to people like me. Here it is: The questions that I can't seem to find
answers to are:
1. What is the data speed?
2. Is it possible/permissable to connect the phone and use it as a
modem for my laptop?

I've found mention of #2 being ok, but I was wondering if anyone here
knows more?

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       -Douglas Adams

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