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'[OT] 240V anywhere - local power generation'
1998\08\19@134440 by Harold Hallikainen

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       The idea of local or distributed power generation is interesting.
Here in California, power companies have to buy power from small
producers at retail rates providing they do not produce more than they
consume.  I think that once the generation exceeds consumption, the power
company pays wholesale rates.  I'm not sure how this changed (if at all)
with the separation of power distribution from generation (allowing
consumers to choose who produces the power while still getting "delivery"
from the local utility).
       Anyway, a few years ago in Electronic Engineering Times was an
article about a solar panel product that included an inverter for driving
the power grid.  The neat thing about this was that it was a small
inverter attached to the solar panel.  Consumers just put the thing up
and "plugged it in" (or used typical residential AC power wiring, no DC
wiring to big expensive inverters).  This modular approach allows
consumers to purchase solar panels as they can afford them, one at a
time.  No need to buy a big inverter ahead of time or to upgrade
inverters as you go along.
       I thought this was an interesting idea.  I haven't heard much
about the product since then.  It would be an interesting PIC project.  I
think there are various considerations in these sort of inverters.  These
considerations include safety of power company employees.  When the power
goes out, don't back feed the grid!


Harold Hallikainen
Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
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