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PICList Thread
'[OT] RIP Dawn Elizabeth Payson 29-Mar-1999'
1999\04\06@174400 by Russell McMahon

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I think we can leave this man be - several people have sent him mail
privately I believe.
No doubt some of these were themselves less than polite.
(Judging from some of the stuff I received lately in response to a
recent posting, there are people here ready to be stroppy when
required :-)).

I sent him a brief message worded as politely as I could manage and
he replied

> PTM: I have here some more people who have lost their wifes,
husband and children.
> I have unsigned out of this list.

Which indicates that he has removed himself.
I suggest we let the matter drop.

Hard to say what was in his mind but he may have been triggered by
factors which are foreign to many of us on the list - Part of his
response was probably due to the extra amount of OT PIC mail of an
(apparently) religious nature which he found in his box due to my
Easter missive. On top of this it may be that he saw Dawn's memorial
notice as promoting religious beliefs that he was uncomfortable with.

Just skimmed my archive - he appears to have been active on PICLIST
since about February and has made a few good useful contributions.
Don't know where he is from. Turkey? - address is beyond my
translational ability.


       Russell McMahon

From: Brian Aase <spam_OUTulcsaTakeThisOuTspamESKIMO.COM>
OT or not, the following message is the most flagrant expression of
inhumanity and misantrhopic mind-set that I have ever seen!
This "individual" should be banned permanently from this list.

1999\04\06@181401 by Andy Kunz

>Don't know where he is from. Turkey? - address is beyond my
>translational ability.

.fi = Finland?


1999\04\07@023051 by MEDICINTEKNIK KB

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That's Finland. And a typical finish name.

Sven in Sweden
-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
FrŒn: Andy Kunz <.....mtdesignKILLspamspam@spam@FAST.NET>
Datum: den 7 april 1999 00:14
€mne: Re: [OT] RIP Dawn Elizabeth Payson 29-Mar-1999

>>Don't know where he is from. Turkey? - address is beyond my
>>translational ability.
>.fi = Finland?

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