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'[OT] Palm Pilot Vs Cassiopeia'
1999\02\20@172958 by jvd

I'm looking at buying a new PDA and I'm wondering what the majority
consensus is on which is better.

Palm Pilot III   Vs Cassiopeia E-11

What do the smartest minds of the world think?


1999\02\20@232349 by Mark Willis

Jason Van Dellen wrote:
> <snipped>
> What do the smartest minds of the world think?
> Jason

 Flattery will get you at least ONE answer <G>

 I've used the Palm Pilot Pro, I really liked it & found Graffiti quite
usable once learned (3-4 days.)  If you get one, do get a spare stylus,
and look into screen covers <G>  I let the store have it back though, as
it just didn't meet some of my needs - so now I'm doing it all on an IBM
PC110 (palmtop 486sx33, 20 Mb RAM), so go figure <G>  (I'm not
interested in WinCE much, the PC110 lets me just do it all under Dos on
a 640x480 DSTN LCD screen, and I can store my huge text files easily.
And it's not much heavier than a PPPro, maybe twice the size/weight -
and it's a Dos/Linux/Win3.11/Win95 bootable computer, just swap PCMCIA
BOOT drives or use multi-boot <G>.  What I need, that the PPPro wouldn't
do for me, was carry 10Mb+ of text databases.  Still considering buying
a PPPro for it's dolist/scheduling, though, for myself!  And I can
compile C/ASM and PIC code, while on the road, now - NICE.)

 My best bet here:  Figure out by borrowing/renting one, or buying one
from a store that offers a 30-day buy-back guarantee, if it meets *your*
needs and wants and so on.  Tastes and needs vary so widely - and we
don't know your needs and wants - so that IMHO we'd be guessing wildly
or telling you our personal tastes, more than telling you what's right
for you.


1999\02\22@055522 by Nuno Pedrosa

Hi! I have owned a Palm 3 for over 8 months. When I bought it, I had
some hard time to choose between the Psion S5 and the Palm 3. WinCE
machines only took me a few reviews to rule out.
The higher price and the larger size of the Psion made me decide by the
Palm. Later, I was pretty sure I made the right decision. The market
share of the Palm grew sky high!
A friend of mine bought the Psion. She seldom uses it, while I use my
Palm all day long, seven days a week, _everywhere_!

Low points on the Palm:
- Little memory: only 2MB. Can be a problem if you want to carry the
bible with you, or stuff with applications you don't use. I'm using the
2MB, but I have more than 40 applications installed. From these, I only
use 10~15 with some regularity...
- BW and LowResolution screen: Limits the amount of info I can see in
- No sound Input: I would like to have a Guitar Tuner, that actually
would hear the guitar.

High point:
- Made to work, with no "stupid" extras. The idea is: "You get what you
need, not what you want!".

Why I wouldn't trade my Palm 3:
- "Stupid" extras: I've seen people asking for MP3 support in the Palm3!
That would be nice. With about 1MB per minute, it really would be _NOT_
useful. Also, you have to remember that this is a device running on two
AAA batteries. More memory, larger/color screen, other extras, they all
need extra power. Check the battery life on the Cassiopeias. Casio
didn't compare them. I wonder why.
Also, the size of the Apps. Larger screen implies more information.
WinCE implies more code. Typical applications for the WinCE machines are
larger than those for the Palm. That's why 2MB are usually enough.
Notice that you can upgrade the Palm to a maximum of 8MB. But that will
cost you $300USD. That's way too expensive for me.
I would like more memory to store docs, however. The new Palm III X,
will have 4MB offshelf.
- Size. Size matters! In this machines, smaller is better. I use my Palm
to store appointments, having ToDo lists, use a spreasheet, taking
notes, etc. I _always_ have it with me, because it fits in my pocket. I
find this to be the most important characteristic. Several of my friends
have other PDA or portable computers. Guess who's got the organizer
always available?

The OS is another thing. Palm OS was designed for hand-held usage. WinCE
was scaled down from desktop to your hand, giving you _aaall_ the
advantages of Windows! <G>.

IMHO: You want power? Get a portable, and handle the bigger size.
     You want small? Forget WinCE and buy a Palm. The Palm3 should be
available for $220USD.

Sorry for the long post.
One last question for the owners of WinCE machines: How long does it
take you to start writing a note?
In my palm, it can as little as pressing two buttons, whatever the last
app was.

> >
> >There is a Casio comparison of the two devices on:
> >
> >
> >
> >and take from it what you may.
> >

----  ~~~~~~~  -------  Nuno Filipe Freitas Pedrosa
--  ~~~~     ~~  -----  SIEMENS S.A. Portugal       TEL: +351 1 4242454
-  ~~~~       ~~  ----
-  ~~~~       ~~  ----  "MSWindows - Best run on a SlideShow"

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