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'[OT] Apocalypse PC (Conspiracy Theory)'
1998\09\28@221230 by Craig Lee

Truth or fiction?

Well with the recent advances with quantum computers, and the silicon
neurons that
HAVE been interfaced to brain tissue, are  we really that far from having
that THINK like we do?  Also, the inate uncertainty of the quantum states
could very
easily produce the mania we call intelligence.  The scary thing is that the
states of quanta could easily be dominated by an evil force.  With this
capacity for
intelligence, these machines will be given more and more responsibility in
of commerce and trade as the major conglomerates nurse their bottom lines.

<...caldron boil, and caldron bubble>

As many may not be aware,  Microsoft is very big in the electronic commerce
Where already, a fee is levied for a great many electronic transactions
around the

Thus the minion to carry out the control of transactions is increasing
rapidly, and
is devoid of human morality....

Already all Microsoft products require acceptance of their terms.  This
could be
construed as wearing the name of the beast.

.... and we've all seen the number games!


ps.  Have no fear, I don't really believe this......... (;>

>Dr. Imre Bartfai wrote:
> This stuff all remembers me to the Apocalypse in the Bible: ("nobody may
> sell or buy until he/she wears the name of the beast or the number of its
> name. And this is a human number.") I apologize for the unexact
> translation.

1998\09\29@061810 by

not to be tooooo superstitious but....
blending science fiction with Jehovas Witnesses, the Y2K bug could
herald MS's "great" leader firmly in the cyberverse, the rest of us in
the Jehovas Witness's version of hell, and their 1144 most faithful(or
whatever) in the meat Zoo (conservation of biological life forms by the
Silicon Master/s)

(yes, I *have* read too many S.F. books *and* been harassed by J.W. door
knockers *and* "witnessed" M.S.'s progression from manual to disk to
CD-ROM to internet.......)

After all, when the secrets of life are being unravelled every day, what
limitations does the richest man in the world realy have ?

Graham Daniel,
Electronic Product Enhancements.   (think rewiring of nervous system
fibre optics etc...)

Craig Lee wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1998\09\29@144045 by Mark Willis

I figure that, if someone managed to "Pie" him once, he can realize
that he's not immortal...  Of course, just because *we* all know not to
peeve other people too badly, doesn't mean *he* understands this lesson
of life!  (Not hoping for anyone to learn this the hard way, but it


Graham Daniel wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1998\09\30@083953 by paulb

Mark Willis wrote:

> I figure that, if someone managed to "Pie" him once, he can realize
> that he's not immortal...

 But how do you know it wasn't staged?
       Paul B.

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