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'[OT] Re: First PIC project...'
2000\01\28@164251 by Sebastian Garcia


-----Mensaje original-----
De: Marcos Sassahara <spam_OUTm_sassaharaTakeThisOuTspamHOTMAIL.COM>
Fecha: viernes, 28 de enero de 2000 13:07
Asunto: Re: First PIC project...

|First of all I want to apologize for sendind comments in the middle of your
|discussion. I am a hobbyst and know how terrible is to create a good PCB
|lay-out on a PC tool like tango for example and don't be able to end the
|process in a more professional way, I mean, have a good artwork but have to
|make the board manually. Won't be fastastic if you could print the lay out
|(using a common deskjet printer) over a kind of paper able to transfer the
|drawing directly to the board? No UV or any other method involving light or
|Chemistry or silk screen?

For a quick prototyping: Have you tried with "Press & Peel" paper ? You
print (with Laser printer) on this paper and
then you can transfer the design to the board by heating.
It's not cheap, but useful for a good prototype.

|The 4017 is a sequencial counter of 10 outputs. The first three outputs can
|be used to drive three displays. The pic will RESET the
|4017 to make the first display active. A pulse in the CLOCK pin will change
|the output to the second display and a new pulse to the third.
|To set the initial time, one push button can select the display to be
|configured and other one can increase the number displayed. One start
|counter should be present. The necessary PIC ports will be:
|7 - displays segments
|1 - 4017 reset
|1 - 4017 clock
|1 - Increase push button
|1 - Select display push button
|1 - Start Counting / Config mode switch push button
|1 - Load
|Counter will display 99.5 (99min 50sec) to 00.0 in steps of 10sec.

A little bit more efficient: You can elliminate the 4017
multiplexing the displays by soft.

Now, the pins:

7 - displays segments
1 - Base of 1st. transistor (driving the 1st display).
1 - Base of 2nd. transistor.
1 - Base of 3rd. transistor.
1 - Config mode switch push button/In Config mode: Select display.
1 - Start Counting/In Config mode: Increase push button
1 - Load

(Going off the Config mode by time)




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