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'[OT] [EE]No LED in Protel????'
2000\05\16@164412 by l.allen

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>  Won't PROTEL allow you to make your own footprints?   If not,
>  I'd be finding another CAD program.
>                                         Regards,
>                                           Jim

Yes   you can make you're own footprints.

I find that not a problem, a couple of pads and a string, I
don't find too difficult BUT there are other much more
heinous features that really really really annoy me.

One is that every upgrade favours the Macro applications
and makes Micro (small) applications more and more
difficult. Early Protel was brilliant, fast, easy to use and
intuitive but then came OrCad compatibility and it all went
down hill from there IMHO.
An example.. Protel 98 PCB, on manual placement, will
not let you change pad size until AFTER you have placed
them... so no matter what, the default PAD is the only
one you can put down initially. This was not the case in
previous versions and is intensely annoying.. there are
more but I have said enough.
The main reason I stick with it now is my PCB
manufacturers can take a file from Protel and there is
never a problem with that file becoming a PCB.
The same reason I am forced to use ( and upgrade
endlessly) to ......... Microsoft   ..compatibility.


Lance Allen
Technical Officer
Uni of Auckland
Psych Dept
New Zealand


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