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'[OT]: What is the attachment.'
2000\08\14@135417 by Oliver Broad

Every so often a mail appears with a short attachment, extension .pcx. I
normally take that to be the old graphics file format, but it can't be in
this case as the file is too short.

What are these files?


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2000\08\14@154557 by jamesnewton

face picon face
They are most likely the result of the sender attempting to verify that you
are reading your email but including a <IMG SRC= reference to a file on an
ftp or other server with the name or path of the image equal to the mail ID
of the message. That server is set to always return null images but to match
up the ID with the email previously sent and then flag the email as read.

Some email systems are set to convert embedded images to attached images
resulting in the nul pcx attachment.

James Newton 1-619-652-0593

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