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'[OT]: Radio Link controller'
2001\01\22@184627 by David Huisman

We are about to publish details of a radio link controller that we designed
to control some of our RF modules (refer ).

Would anyone here be interested if we produced a modified version that could
be used with almost any RF module.

ie. It has a serial port where you can connect to your PC or micro
application. This port is used to send messages to remote nodes or change
setup parameters in the controller.

The other end of the controller provides an interface for RF. TX enable,
TXD,RXD, Carrier Detect etc.

The controller would come pre-programmed with over-air protocol, error
detection, options for broadcast or acknowledged messages etc.


David Huisman

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2001\01\23@061853 by Gareth Bennett

we could have a few applications here in NZ for such a device.

         Gareth Bennett     or:
         Signals Limited
         Otago/Southland Region
         New Zealand
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