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'[OT]: My way'
2001\06\04@222452 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza

My Way

&now($the_end == 'near') && so(); $i->face($the, $#curtain);
my ($friends, $i, $say); $it->clear();
 $i->state(my $case_of); `which $i->m('certain')`;
$i->lived($a_life{'thats full'}), $i->travelled($each && $every{'highway'});
&more($much > $this), $i->did($it); my $way;

       Man, THIS is funny :oD Finally an use for C! :oD

---8<---Corte aqui---8<----

Alexandre Souza

---8<---Corte aqui---8<----

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2001\06\05@012626 by Bill Westfield

face picon face
> &now($the_end == 'near') && so(); $i->face($the, $#curtain);
> Man, THIS is funny :oD Finally an use for C! :oD

That's not C.  No "$" operators in C.  Perl, perhaps?


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2001\06\06@085920 by M. Adam Davis

It's _probably_ PHP.


Alexandre Domingos F. Souza wrote:

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