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'[OT]: Math Question - Measuring AC Voltage'
2002\02\27@120247 by Bond, Peter

> Now, a dumb question.  If RMS is calculated by squaring,
> averaging, then
> taking the root, then why didn't the (possibly dislexic) genius that
> invented it call it SQUARE MEAN ROOT since that is really the
> order you do
> these things in?


Or possibly RPN?

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2002\02\27@131707 by Lawrence Lile

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

How come cargoes always go in ships, and shipments always go by road?

Why are the hairdos that women need to get every two weeks called

If olive oil comes from olives, what does baby oil come from?

If a tin horn is made of tin, what is a foghorn made of?

If a guy is the same as a man, why is a wise guy not the same as a wise man?

How come boxing rings are square?

My brother's name is Alec.  Mom always told him not to be so dumb, Alec, so
he grew up to be a smart alec.

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